USBands Week 2; 11 Shows, 150 Bands and a Little Rain

Fall begins under cloudy skies

The first day of fall brings the second week of the USBands season when 11 events from Connecticut to Maryland bring 150 bands to the field.

Unlike Week 1, each show was under the threat of rain showers later in the afternoon and early evening, but if you've come to understand one thing from USBands - we take weather seriously!


10PM Update: Final update of the evening. Most events were able to be completed according to schedule even though there was a rash of severe thunderstorm warnings throughout Eastern PA and New Jersey this evening. Thank you to everyone who stuck with us for the shows, even though they had to dance with the rain. Special apologies to the bands in the second half of the Burlington City show whose performances were canceled due to the prolonged severe weather. 

7:00PM Update - A line of rainstroms has formed in Eastern PA and Maryland and is headed toward some of the show sites including Perk Valley, Hunterdon Central, Burlington, Scotch Plains, North East and Northern (MD). Be prepared and keep an eye on the sky. Our on-site teams are equipped with radar and will temporarily delay the show until the weather passes. Connecticut and Brick Memorial look to be OK.

5:30PM Update - Rain cells are on the radar in Pennsylvania and Maryland and heading toward some of the show sites. These showers contain heavy down pours but will not last long. A few pop-ups have shown up on radar in NJ as well. All shows will proceed with USBands staff on hand to make decisions regarding temporary delays. Pack your umbrella and have a great time.

Before we dig into the weather, REMEMBER to visit USBands Facebook page and USBands website for all of the news, scores and photos from this weekend's events!

Now, on to the weather:

We'll be watching radars from our home office in Allentown and at each site through our well-trained Event Staff to work with local host school personnel, band directors, parents and more to make sure each event goes off without a hitch. 

As it stands as of 9AM Saturday, a cold front is expected to reach the Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey area in the late afternoon and early evening, progressing to the Connecticut area later in the evening. Accompanying this cold front will be showers and a potential thunderstorm with brief strong winds. 

We do not expect this to cancel or postpone any events at this time, but rather a possible delay or extended intermission would be in place until the rain passes. USBands will monitor each site to make sure the proper course of action is implemented.


Perkiomen Valley - Partly Sunny with showers possible between 7-10PM


Northeast - Partly Sunny with showers possible between 7-10PM

Northern - Partly Sunny with showers possible between 7-10PM

Northwest-  Mostly Cloudy with showers possible between 5-7PM

New Jersey

Brick Memorial - Cloudy with showers possible after 8PM

Burlington City - Cloudy with showers possible between 7-10PM

Hunterdon Central - Cloudy with showers possible between 6-10PM; Note Show will begin at 5:15PM.

Scotch Plains-Fanwood - Cloudy with showers possible after 8PM


Brien McMahon - Cloudy with showers possible after 10PM

Francis T. Maloney - Mostly cloudy with showers possible after 10PM

Putnam - Mostly cloudy with showers possible after 10PM

Stay tuned to the website, Usbands Facebook page at and Twitter feed @usbands for the latest updates on your show.

USBands Official Rain Policy

> We work with each local school on a case by case basis. Involved in these conversations are the USBands Event Coordinator, USBands Chief Judge, Host Band Director, Event Chairperson and in some cases Athletic Director or School Principal. In the event of a delay or postponement, each Guest Band Director and the USBands Director is involved in the final call.

> Light rain or drizzle. The show proceeds as originally scheduled. All decisions regarding equipment, uniforms or safety of the students is ultimately the call of the individual Band Director.

> Thunderstorm or Storm Front. The show is delayed, stands are evacuated per host school district policy. A time is set for all Directors and decision makers to meet to discuss resuming the show.

> Slick field conditions. The show is first moved to a standstill outside in order to maximize the opportunity for the host band to have a complete event. In most cases, concessions, signage and other items are already in place. USBands always will work with the host to make the event as positive as possible given the circumstances.

> Constant rain or threat of prolonged inclement weather. The show is moved inside with the approval of Host, USBands Staff and Guest Bands. Revised adjudication policies are implemented to reflect the lack of visual/marching performances.

The USBands Inclement Weather policy places the highest possible value on student safety and will always make a decision that is in the best interests of the young people who perform as members of their school band.

USBands also works very closely with the host bands to provide for a positive experience given the weather concerns as we understand these events represent a significant fundraising opportunity for their programs.


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