15 Local Shows and 3 Regionals this Saturday!

Stay tuned for weather updates and show coverage this weekend


USBands regionals start up this week in Northern Virginia and Texas, among 15 other great line-ups across 10 different states this Saturday.

As of now, the weather looks beautiful in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and Idaho.14Weehawken1.jpg

Texas folks—we’re keeping an eye on the forecast! Check back for frequent updates at USBands.org. Rain plans are in place in case of a downpour, as we continue to hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

Good luck to all participating bands this week, and be sure to check Facebook.com/USBands for competition pictures and videos Saturday night through the beginning of next week!

And a special thanks to all band parents, staff and Media Makers who work so hard to make each USBands weekend an all-around success!


Photos by Dieter Wiselogel


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