Alumnus Eric Babula Appointed Guard Caption Supervisor

Cadets staff member promoted from within

eric.jpgThe Cadets' creative team is thrilled to add Eric Babula to the 2013 design and instructional team in the position of guard supervisor.

Eric was a marching member of the corps for six years, from 2002 to 2007, the guard captain from 2006 to 2007 and a member of the teaching staff since 2010. He has made important contributions as a writer and technician in recent years and was the clear choice among the selection committee that included Greg Lagola, Bruno Zuccala, Jeff Sacktig and George Hopkins.

Following the appointment, Hopkins, the director of the Cadets, said, “We looked at candidates from other corps and bands, but from the beginning, I think the team felt we needed someone who knew the way The Cadets work. Eric has been a part of the team, and although he is perhaps a bit short on experience, his ability, passion and commitment make him a clear choice for today and hopefully years ahead."

Hopkins continued, “We have an experienced staff. With that in mind, we wanted to add youth. We look for new ideas. We look for energy. We are interested in maintaining the connection to tradition while opening up a new world in terms of what is possible in marching music. Eric is without question a part of that quest to be the absolute best we can be."

New information has also been disclosed regarding the Cadets 2013 production.

In a quick conversation, Hopkins commented, “Eric will be critical to the 2013 production. He and his team and the entire guard will be very important contributors as we bring to life our ideas for this summer. The name is, Both Sides Now. As for what it all means? Well, I guess we will leave that to the imaginations for now."


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