Volunteer Spotlight: Ticket Sales

An easy, interactive way to help out


Would you like to interact with every person coming to see the show, smiling in anticipation and waiting to support their band? Well we’ve got the job for you! At every show, a critical role that must be filled is that of a ticket distributor. Think of it as being the gatekeeper to a day full of fun, excitement, and of course – great music!

Welcome the audience members with a smiling face and answer general questions about the event. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you are prepared for the most frequently asked questions, such as:

“Where are the closest restrooms?”

“What time does my son/daughter’s band perform?”

And my personal favorite, “Where can I get some chili?!”

Bring warm clothes, sport some USBands gear, and don’t forget your cheerful attitude!

Want to volunteer for a USBands show? Contact Iris Heady at iris@yea.org or (610)821-0345 ex. 135.


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