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Facebook Audition Groups


Audition groups for each section are now active on Facebook! Talk to current members and connect with others attending the audition. You can also use this space to coordinate carpools to camp and ask veterans any questions you might have - whether you've marched drum corps before or not.

You are welcome to join in the discussion!


The Cadets Audition Groups Cadets2 Audition Groups
2014 Cadets Trumpet Auditions 2014 Cadets2 Trumpet Auditions
2014 Cadets Mellophone Auditions 2014 Cadets2 Mellophone Auditions
2014 Cadets Baritone Auditions 2014 Cadets2 Baritone Auditions
2014 Cadets Tuba Auditions
2014 Cadets2 Tuba Auditions
2014 Cadets Drumline Auditions 2014 Cadets2 Drumline Auditions
2014 Cadets Front Ensemble Auditions 2014 Cadets2 Front Ensemble Auditions
2014 Cadets Colorguard Auditions 2014 Cadets2 Colorguard Auditions

You can also fill out our quick Interest Form to stay up-to-date on current audition announcements, or go ahead and register for the Audition Camp.

The Cadets will also be accepting video auditions this year. Find out more.


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