Volunteer Spotlight: Merchandise Assistant

Another great way you can help make band shows possible in your area

how may.jpgDo you enjoy interacting with people? We’ve got a perfect job for you! 

Good with handling money? Basic math skills will do!

Any retail experience? Even better!

We have plenty of shows coming up that need merchandise assistants. Help a band parent find the perfect size sweatshirt for their child; help a proud grandfather pick out a necklace for his granddaughter; have a conversation with a band member as he buys his first USBands patch for his jacket.

These positions are crucial to the overall enjoyment of the audience members, band parents, and all of the band kids running around the event, trying to find something to help commemorate their experience.

So please, if you think this might be the job for you, get in touch with Iris Heady at iris@yea.org.


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