This Weekend: Clear Skies over Big Stadiums

15 local shows and 7 regionals make for another competitive weekend


Well folks, fall is certainly upon us. The air is crisp and the skies are looking clear for this weekend’s 15 local shows and seven regionals, including our biggest show of the year, the 2013 Yamaha Cup! With close to 60 bands in competition, this event is the largest one-day marching band contest in the nation, and it’s an all-day affair!


The air is crisp, that is, except for highs that will reach up to 95 degrees at our Texas regionals this weekend! Thankfully, there is no more than a 20-percent chance of rain in any of our show locations—a welcome change from the 70-percent that unfortunately turned in to a wash-out in New Jersey last Sunday. There isn’t even a chance of rain is forecasted for most of the Northeast on Saturday.

598774_355488421205187_74819306_n.jpgAs always, best of luck to all competing bands this weekend. Don’t forget to check for photos from many of the weekends competitions. We’re trying to cover as many shows as possible, and photos from this past weekend are still being uploaded.

And if you’re heading to the Yamaha Cup, go ahead and preorder a DVD so you can pick it up just one hour after your band’s performance!


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