Texas Auditions

This year, we're coming to y'all.

The Cadets are hosting four auditions in Texas!

Whether you’re in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin or Houston, we’ll be at a school near you the weekend of December 7-9.


Each of our four audition “camps” will only be four hours long and consist of an informational meeting, about two hours of music rehearsal in which you’ll learn a couple of Cadets tunes, and a one-hour marching block for basic technique instruction and evaluation.

Color guard members will work together on equipment technique and dance.

During the rehearsals, our caption supervisors will be auditioning attendees one at a time. Just prepare something that you feel shows off your musicianship, and they will give you honest feedback. If you make it, you will leave this camp with a spot in the 2013 Cadets and an invitation to the remaining camps in New Jersey.

TXrecruit11x17final_Layout 11.jpgTexas Audition Schedule:

Dec. 7: Dallas -- Wakeland High School (evening)

Dec. 8: San Antonio -- Claudia Taylor “Ladybird” Johnson High School (morning-afternoon)

            Austin -- Rouse High School (evening)

Dec. 9: Houston -- Nimitz High School (afternoon)


New Jersey Camp Schedule:

Dec. 27-30 – Brass and Percussion

Jan. 18-20 – Brass and Percussion

Mar. 8-10 – Percussion Only

April 26-28 – Brass, Percussion and Color Guard

For more information on The Cadets’ audition process, go to Cadets2013.org. We hope to see you in Texas!

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