A Weekend of Several Firsts

USBands Regionals in AZ and MS, plus States Kick Off in NY!


Photo by Dieter Wiselogel

Following up the weekend with the biggest show of the year is the weekend with the most shows of the year! There are 24 regional and local competitions this weekend in a wide range of 10 states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Texas and Arizona.

This Sunday, the USBands State Championships begin with New York States in Hempstead, NY. The competition will take place in the James M. Shuart Stadium at Hofstra University. We’re looking forward to a great kick-off event to States!

This weekend also marks two brand-new milestones in USBands competition. We’ll be hosting regional competitions in Peoria, AZ and Scooba, MS. Much different from our fall weather at USBands’ home base up in Allentown, PA, the forecast in Peoria this Saturday is clear with a high of 93 degrees. At least there’s no concern about rain!

The weather in Mississippi looks just about perfect for Saturday as well: Sunny and no chance of rain with a high of 72.

In fact, weather this weekend looks to be ideal all around. Texas will be 85 and sunny; VA, MD, CT, NY, NJ and PA will have a few clouds with highs in the 60s. There is, however, a 40-percent chance of rain in Cranston, Rhode Island this Saturday, so the USBands show staff will keep an eye on the weather and make sure that any necessary adjustments are made.

As always, best of luck to all competing bands on this beautiful fall weekend!

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