Working to connect the family

A new Cadets Alumni project


As the years pass, The Cadets’ alumni family has grown to include thousands of people from around the world. From members of the original 1934 Holy Name Cadets to the newest age-outs, we are truly all connected.

And while we in the office do put together an alumni newsletter once a month to stay in touch, we want to make it a little more personal. This is, after all, a family.

So, as 2012 draws to a close and The 2013 Cadets begin to form, we want to connect with our alumni, and we can’t do it without you.

Starting as soon as possible, each “family newsletter” will include a more personal section that highlights the main events going on in the lives of specific alumni. Things like birthdays, marriages and deaths are important; we want to celebrate and honor each other. But we also want to focus on life events and interesting stories. For example, if two Cadets run a marathon together or get married (or have been married), we’d love to include a brief story about it.

We would also like to collect compelling stories from years throughout the corps’ history – both funny and meaningful – to feature one or two in our newsletter each month.

If you have a story you’d like to share, or simply an important event in your life that relates back to your experience as a Cadet, please share it with us by emailing

We are sincerely looking forward to this new project.


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