Your Weekend Weather Update

A Preview of Week 7 Competition

This weekend, we gain momentum as we head into USBands state and national championships. Tennessee States is this Saturday, October 27 in Tucker Stadium at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN. It’ll be a cool, cloudy day of competition with a high of 55 and only a 30-percent chance of rain.

We have 11 more local show line-ups on Saturday as well in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maryland. Oddly, the high in the Northeast looks to be about 12 degrees warmer than Tennessee! There is also a slightly lower chance of rain, so get excited for another weekend of great fall weather.

The weather also looks clear in Allentown this weekend for the exciting USBands DeMoulin Challenge here in USBands’ home town at J. Birney Crum Stadium.

And on Sunday, we’re looking forward to three great “Preview to Championships” shows in New Jersey! Because of Hurricane Sandy which is currently passing through the Bahamas, we are looking at a somewhat rainy forecast in the Northeast on Sunday, so rain plans are in place as usual just in case. We’ll be keeping a hopeful eye on the weather as Sunday approaches!

Good luck to all competing bands this weekend, and thanks in advance to all the wonderful parents and volunteers giving up their weekends for the sake of great music!

As always, be sure to check for photos and videos of our competitions!


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