An Update on This Weekend's Weather Plans

CEO George Hopkins gives a run-down of the weather plans


It appears that this Sunday could be rainy. I am aware of the forecast that folks put out there, but at best, Sunday is a bit of rain and wind. Now… this could get more interesting of course, but we also believe as per the forecast that any major impact will occur on Monday.

Accuweather shows about a quarter-inch of rain Sunday and another quarter-inch after 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

If the shows are inside on Sunday, we would still hope that all will attend. Of course, we in no way want to risk safety, but that does not appear to be an issue at this time.

Just so you know –

  • We will judge, and the scores will still count!
  • Saturday appears to be ok… with a chance of a shower later on.
  • Cookeville, TN is awesome… although cool
  • Severna Park, MD has a chance of showers late.

That said, the USBands staff will be online this evening and at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow to see where we stand.

Expect that all shows Saturday are a go!

On Sunday, we will keep updating. We have the three shows with about 35 bands included. We would never run a show if there was danger, but if it’s just raining, the events will run!

Ok – that is all for now. 

Happy weekend. My next note will cover states!


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