Cadets-Crown Challenge

The Challenge Has Been Extended through November 25th!!


For the past several years, The Cadets and Carolina Crown have challenged each other on the field to the highest heights of artistry and performance.

Now the competition moves off the field, as both corps announce the Cadets-Carolina Crown Donor Challenge to raise money for the upcoming 2013 season.

From October 29 through November 25, supporters of The Cadets and Carolina Crown will be called upon to support their corps of choice, and with every donation of $10, $25, $50 or more, their “vote” will be counted to determine the Challenge Champion!

*We're only counting unique votes, so while we appreciate your generosity, only one financial gift will be tallied per donor.

Not only will the corps that attracts the most individual donors receive bragging rights, but Cadets Director George Hopkins or Carolina Crown Director Jim Coates will have to cook dinner for the Challenge-winning corps on the day of their home show this summer.

Drum corps fans, this is your time to choose sides between two great corps who have brought so many entertaining shows to the field, while at the same time you can support their efforts to get a head-start on the 2013 season.

The timing for the Challenge coincides with the lead-up to the first audition camps for both corps which will take place on November 16-18 in New Jersey and South Carolina respectively, so there will be a great deal of buzz happening around both corps leading up to the final day of the Challenge!

“This is much more than just a fundraiser for The Cadets, it’s a chance for our fans and alumni to make a statement about their love of the corps, while assisting us to raise much-needed funds for the coming season. We are blessed to have so much support, but we think this is a fun new way for fans to get engaged,” said George Hopkins, director of The Cadets.

Jim Coates, director of Carolina Crown, said, “Our fans are ready for the challenge and we’re eager to get started. Fundraising is so difficult these days, but so integral to our operations. With the Challenge we can have a little good-natured fun and competition in the off-season and raise money at the same time.”

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