Important Note from USBands CEO

Hopkins' update as of 10:00 a.m.

As we know, there has been quite the storm here in the East.

Many, if not all schools will be out today; power is out in many locations, and the rain is still coming down, especially in Maryland.

New York City is a mess with water as is the Jersey Shore.

We are open here in Allentown. Some of our folks are home dealing with damage and power outages, but we will be here preparing for the weekend of State Championships.

Needless to say, the CHAMPS are not on the top of your list today, but as we access damage and life moves back to normal, we do hope you will all be able to bring your kids to the various events.

As of now, we plan to run all events as scheduled. From our little marching music world, we are fortunate that we still have four days to recover. The sun will be out on Wednesday, and this weekend looks sunny and cool in most locations.

Tennessee and Texas will be good to go without comment.

New England, NJ, Maryland, PA, Virginia – I imagine things will become more clear tomorrow with stability (we hope) returning Thursday.

There will be tons of communication required once all are back in school. (Actually, I realize many of you may not read this until you actually return to school.) We will have “all hands on deck” come Wednesday and through the weekend.

More later from here in Allentown, PA. Please be safe, and let's push this storm away as far as we can over the next few days.



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