NJ State Champs Venue Update

Statement as of 12:33 p.m.


Rutgers University has informed USBands that the stadium is available for the NJ State Championships this weekend.

We are calling each band beginning now to ascertain:

➢ If they will appear on their scheduled day
➢ If we need to consolodate the scedule so that some of the bands scheduled for Saturday would be able to perform on Sunday
➢ If those bands unable to attend would be able to attend a mid-week, make-up event … a Hurricane State Champs or something of the sort

We are in contact with Rutgers now, and we will have a final decision sometime this evening.

This has been a crazy week for so many. It would be great to get these kids into a grand facility for a grand event like this.

Let’s see what we can do,


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