NJ Championship Postponed to Nov. 10-11

New plan will allow for all bands to compete in "Ultimate Championship Weekend"


CEO George Hopkins explains the decision to move the NJ Championship back a week. Click here to watch the video.

Given the circumstances surrounding the unprecedented week of weather impacts in the Garden State, USBands has decided to postpone the New Jersey State Championships for one week to Nov. 10 & 11 and create the ‘Ultimate Championship Doubleheader” for bands in New Jersey.

George Hopkins, CEO of YEA! the parent organization of USBands said, “After listening and talking to 75 banddirectors, the reality of all of this strikes home, and as an organization WE NEED TO DO THE RIGHT THING!”

Hopkins continued, “This weekend is not about a State Championship. There are just too many folks who have had to deal with flooding, power and other significant issues. Yes, for a time, we thought this was possible but the reality is it's just not.  We need to give these teachers time to figure things out.  We need to let those with bigger problems handle what needs to be handled and we think we have a planthat allows most every band the chance to participate in the true State Championship we envisioned from the beginning.”

The new plan calls for the 2012 StateChampionships to run at a single high school location on Saturday, Nov. 10 and at two locations Sunday, Nov. 11, opposite of the National Championships beingheld on the same days in MetLife Stadium and Annapolis, MD.

Hopkins added, “We have five potential locations and are awaiting final approval to select the three sites which will becomehome to the 2012 NJ State Championships.”

Rich Hammond, Director of USBands said,  “The schedule has been made for all New Jersey bands to participate in both State and Nationals on the weekend of Nov. 10-11. It should be an amazing cap to the 2012 season to challenge for State and National titles for each of these bands!”

Hammond added, “We have spoken with Larry Markiewicz (Bridgewater-Raritan HS), Ed Webber (Immaculata HS) and Wayne Dillon (Elizabeth HS) to get feedback on the new event, and all three are enthusiastic about participating.”

New Jersey bands in Groups 3A, 6A, 2 Open and 4 Open will compete on Saturday, Nov. 10 at a single location. Groups 1A, 2A, 4A and 5A, along with Groups 1 Open, 3 Open, 5 Open and 6 Open bands will march on Sunday, Nov. 11 at two locations for the New Jersey State Championship title in their respective classes. Watch for details on the locations to beannounced by Friday, Nov. 2.


NJ States Schedule Snapshot

Saturday Nov. 10

Groups 2 Open, 4 Open, 3A, 6A

Host location to be announced


Sunday, Nov. 11

Groups 1A, 2A, 4A, 5A, 1 Open, 3 Open, 5 Open, 6 Open

(2) Host locations to be announced

Watch for more news and late breakingdevelopments at the USBands website www.usbands.org and at the USBands Facebook page www.facebook.com/USBands.


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