Important Nationals Ticket Information

To: Parents From: George Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education the Arts, the parent org of USBands

Dear friends and fans,

MetLife is perhaps the best stadium in the world to play in. The sight lines are great and the sound is excellent. The effect for your kid – they will be blown away!

But, it is expensive.

It is expensive to rent, it is expensive to buy a hot dog, it is expensive to park. Thus, tickets to the event are expensive.

We ran a drum corps show there this summer and tickets were $59.00 and $79.00, so $30.00 is not too much, but I am also aware most of you do not stick around too long.

What I suggest … it is to be a beautiful weekend. Come out, stay a while, and let’s cheer all of these kids on. This is not just a band competition, it is a celebration of music, youth and our future.

As our saying for the weekend goes, SANDY CANNOT STOP THE MUSIC.”

And Annapolis is also a great venue!! A great view, tremendous history, and the city of Annapolis is fabulous.

I just wanted to let you know. We are so very aware of prices and buses, and the tragic situations that many face. And this weekend, we hope, is a chance for the students, especially the senior class, to end the season on top of the world.

For more information on USBands, to go or call 610-821-0345.


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