A Note to Band Directors: NJ States Rutgers Tickets Good at New Sites

New Ticket Info for NJ States from CEO George Hopkins


Saturday, November 10th - Washington Township High School
Sunday, November 11th - Edison High School
Sunday, November 11th - Piscataway High School


So that we all know, the tickets that you have for Rutgers are good for any state championship. There is no reason to exchange them or to ask for new tickets.

The ticket pricing has changed; ignore the face value. We will charge each band $12.00 for the tickets, and the fee will be $15.00 at the gate.

If you sell the tickets to your parents and friends for $15.00, you should make back your registration fee, or very close to it. That is up to you. All we need is the $12.00 per ticket and the registration fee paid.

I know these are crazy times, but I hope you can imagine things on our side.

With all of the challenges, we stopped paying anyone for a week. I was unsure we would even have shows. That said, we still have stadium bills, and flights and judges and fees to all of the great people who made assisted in holding these weeks together.

So again:

TICKETS FOR RUTGERS’ NJ STATE CHAMP are valid at ANY of the three venues this weekend. THEY DO NOT WORK at METLIFE or ANNAPOLIS.

For more information, call your representative or anyone at USBands – 610-821-0345.



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