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Post-Season Staff Transitions

YEA! seeks permanent bookkeeper, CFO and volunteer coordinator

iris.jpgAs the band season comes to an end, there are numerous changes at Youth Education in the Arts in terms of staffing.

New programs are planned in community percussion, the USBands department is moving indoors, and The Cadets and Cadets2 both launch this weekend. These changes and additions will add and alter the staff responsibilities.

Leading off the changes, CEO George Hopkins announced at an 11:00 a.m. staff meeting that Marie O'Rourke is returning to YEA! in the position of Accountant. For now, the position is short-term only, running from November 13 through December 21. Both Hopkins and O'Rourke hope to work out a long-term deal. For now, there is much to do to settle the band season and prepare for end-of-year audits. Marie worked for YEA! from 2007 until April of 2012.

Related to the announcement, YEA! will re-lauch searches in the financial area for a Chief Operating Officer with fiscal management experience, and a Bookkeeper. If interested, please contact George Hopkins directly at

On Monday, a day after the band season came to a close, Iris Heady informed Mr. Hopkins that she will be departing Allentown on December 21 to return to Massachusetts. Iris, a three-year member of The Cadets and the volunteer coordinator for Youth Education in the Arts, is returning to Massachusetts to pursue personal goals that are very important to her future.

Hopkins asked Ms. Heady to stay in the position through the beginning of the Christmas break, and in agreeing to stay for a bit over a month, Iris stated, "This job and organization mean a great deal to me, and it is a priority for me to prepare things well for someone to take over the position. I will do my best over the coming weeks to juggle closing out the season and getting in touch with all of the volunteers, and also gathering materials and creating some sort of information binder. All I can say is thank you."

In announcing the departure to the team, Hopkins stated, "If we had a rookie of the year for staff members, Iris would win the award. She did a great job, she worked crazy hours, and she was a servant to those who volunteered. As much as I wish her well, it is to very tough to see her go."

YEA! will be adding to the job searches that of a Volunteer Coordinator, and, although not addressed here, there are plans to further expand and complement the event management work that is so critical to our success.

For more information on these positions or to submit a resume, please write directly to George Hopkins at


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