Hopkins Accepting Music Suggestions for 2013

Five days to submit music for "Both Sides Now"

Fans and Drum Corps Show Designers,

The Cadets, as you know, are bringing a brand-new production to the field in 2013: Both Sides Now.

There has been a great deal of conjecture as to what exactly this is going to convey. Is it a Joni Mitchell tribute? Are The Cadets going to play more uniform games?

Well, no and no.

What WILL happen is that the program will live at different levels, but all communication will center upon the idea of one, two or more sides to the field.

Some hints:

  • The field does not have to be split at the 50
  • Where the split occurs can change
  • There are times when both “sides” can be presented “now.”

That said, I am looking for some music.

You folks have more ideas than we will ever have. The last time I did this we ended up with two tunes and the corps placed second. SO… here is the deal:

If you give us a tune that we use in the show, I will give you $500.00 worth of Cadets garb for the summer PLUS your choice of seats at any DCI show in the country. Just tell me where you want to go, and I will arrange two seats.


Well, it has to be in a form that will allow for us to relate that there are multiple ideas present, or that we can adapt. For example:

  • Percussion at one tempo and brass at another 
  • A soloist vs. the entire ensemble
  • Two tunes playing in juxtaposition
  • Tempo or meter variations
  • Ballad vs. an up-tempo tune

As for the style of music, I am open here. We have a solid layout for about three minutes of “Trittico,” but I have also paid out six minutes from some rather interesting Broadway shows and motion pictures. Can they work together? Well, it depends on the through-line.

So, this is it. And here is the deal on the deadline:

I will accept video, audio or any kind of links until 12:01 a.m. on Monday, November 19. That's only a few days.

After all, I have some ideas, but my bet is that you have some really good ones... and perhaps a stinker or two. :-)

So, send them to hopkins@yea.org. Please make sure your name and e-mail are attached, and please feel free to attach any explanations or concepts you might wish to offer.

Thanks so much! Do a good job. I look forward to spending next Monday listening and reading a bevy of ideas!!

All the best,



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