Post-Turkey Day Hangover? Take a Moment to 'Vote Cadets'

Final Day of the Cadets/Crown Challenge is Friday!

Dear Friends

I hope you are having a great day with your family, friends and your turkey and pumpkin pie.

My daughter Katie is in down and we are about to head out to dinner at a restaurant in Bethlehem, PA. I anticipate feeling quite fat this evening. :-)

So …

If you are reading this, you know that the Cadets are one of the most important things in my life. To say I am grateful for the opportunity to be the director of this corps for the past 30 years well … that would be an understatement.

The kids I meet; the changes I see; the fabulous people out in the world who were once Cadets  --- you do not get jobs that allow you to do what I do very often. In fact, I was a teacher fresh out of college; social studies not music ( I was a drummer)

I hope you have seen the Cadets, been a part of the corps or in somehow touched the fabric of who we are. And if you have … I need you to take this Thanksgiving and send along just $10.00 so that we can lock down this little challenge with Carolina Crown.

Please … it’s easy. We have 295 votes but three today.

And we need 400. At least

Here is the link … and it goes right to our form

Need more reason to give than being in a good move this Thanksgiving?

The end of a letter from a Tuba player who marched 22 years ago 

Somehow my Mom leaving me that night and forcing my hand to stay with the Corps gave me the energy I needed to complete the season.  That night gave me drive I needed to do better on the field and to approach my responsibilities in the Corps differently.  Silently my Mom achieved everything a Mother could ever want to achieve and she probably has never realized it.  I look back on that one night as the night the switch flipped, the lights came on.  It sounds horribly cliche, but cliches exist for a reason.

As a 35 year old I can look back fondly of my one rookie season with the Cadets.  I remember those good times on the bus, "one more time'' and horn arcs in graveyards, counting the number of deaths in "Die Hard 2" and getting Sprites and truck stops in cities I had no clue we were in.  The memories of the difficulty and disappointment and frustration have all but faded into a life lesson.  The experience of marching with the Cadets that one short year have lasted now for 20 years.  I expect when I'm 80 I'll be telling my grand nieces and nephews this same story.

It's appropriate that I'm writing this the week before Mother's Day in 2009.  Thanks Mom. I love you.


Come on … that is worth $10.00 J goes right to our form



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