Cadets-Carolina Crown Challenge Results

Over 700 Votes Cast for the Two Corps

On rivalry weekend as Ohio State faced Michigan, South Carolina tackled Clemson and countless other rivals met on the gridiron, it is fitting that The Cadets and Carolina Crown have capped their own Fall Challenge with over 700 votes being tallied by both corps.

After four weeks of the Cadets/Carolina Crown Fall Challenge,  405 fans cast votes for The Cadets while 306 fans supported Carolina Crown. Over half of the votes came within the last week after rehearsal camps by both corps and nearly 150 in the final day. During the Challenge, votes were counted by every donation of $5 or more to the corps their choice.

"We are so proud of how the Fall Challenge was met by our supporters, alumni and current members," said Jim Coates Director of Carolina Crown. "While we fell short of our ultimate goal to win, we  leave the Challenge stronger by the gracious support of our fans who contributed to the campaign and stood up to be counted with their donations. Congratulations to the Cadets and we look forward to challenging them on the field and off in the year to come."

 George Hopkins, Director of The Cadets added, "After another close fought battle with Carolina Crown, we were once again humbled by the generosity of our fans and those who are so loyal to this remarkable organization.  Both corps were not sure what to expect from the Challenge, but we believe we brought a little fun to fundraising during the off-season for both corps and gave us both a good start to 2013." 

As a bit of a good-natured side bet between corps directors Coates and Hopkins, Crown Director Jim Coates will prepare dinner for The Cadets at their home show at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, August 4.  Coates said, "We were so looking forward to seeing George don a hair net and prepare a dinner for the corps, we will not disappoint the Cadets members and staff in August with their victory dinner." Hopkins was quick to respond, "Knowing Jim for as long as I do, we're not sure what to expect, but there has been talk about everything from pork and beans to canned ravioli." Both directors agree though with Coates' sentiment: "That's what makes this activity so great, the ability to face off in a competitive arena – yet remain close friends."

The Cadets and Carolina Crown would like to thank all of their supporters, members and alumni and look forward to a spectacular 2013 season. Both corps send their best wishes to fans of all drum corps for the coming holidays and for the New Year.


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