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C2 Audition Weekend Recap

The first official weekend of Season2

The Cadets2 hosted their first full-corps audition weekend this past Saturday and Sunday, officially kicking off the 2013, second-season edition of C2.

“Thanks to everyone who came out!” said Director Rich Hammond.

Brass Caption Supervisor Gino Cipriani added that he is excited about the opportunity this season as well as the soon-to-be-announced 2013 Cadets2 program.


During the weekend, the percussion section learned 11 technique exercises in order to break down different players’ habits and start teaching a uniform Cadets’ style.

“It’s amazing what the percussion section was able to accomplish last season,” Rich Hammond said at the Show and Tell Sunday afternoon. “Not only were all of our members new to the activity, but the entire drum staff had never taught drum corps before. For them to come out third in DCA was very impressive. We're excited to press on and see what we can accomplish this year.”

The brass learned a tuning progression based on Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings,” played by The Cadets this past summer, as well as Jay Bocook’s arrangement of “Chester.”

Bocook originally arranged “Chester” as The Cadets’ parade tune in 2006. “It’s a great arrangement, and there’s some really challenging stuff in there,” said returning brass staff member J.P. Crowley. “We were digging it all weekend.”

The color guard worked on a mixture of technique exercises and choreography for dance, weapon and flag.

“We won’t see the color guard at another camp until April because of the winter guard season, although we are looking into the possibility of bringing them in for some of our Sunday rehearsals,” Rich said.


Thanks again to those who auditioned for Cadets2 this past weekend!

It’s not too late to join! The next rehearsal/audition weekend for brass and percussion will be the weekend of December 14-16 at South Mountain Middle School in Allentown, PA.
You can register for the next camp here.

Interested in hearing more about C2? Check out this video to get a member’s perspective.

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