Wedding Colors: Tim and Vicki Mengel

Tim and Vicki were married on Oct. 7, 2012

Mengel wedding1.jpgTim Mengel was a tenor drummer in the 1989 Garfield Cadets.

He met his bride, Vicki, while they were both judging marching bands and DCA. “Sometimes the best things happen by accident… or at least unexpectedly,” Tim said.

Tim and Vicki were acquainted for several years in the judging world, but they recently hit it off when Vicki moved to the Allentown area, where Tim already happened to be residing. “She actually needed to send a recap out, and I said she could use my internet server since hers wasn’t working,” Tim said. “So we went out, got together, and the rest is history.”

The two were married last month on October 7, 2012, and they decided to incorporate their drum corps experiences into their wedding décor. “We based the entire ceremony and reception around the marching arts,” Tim said.

Mengel Wedding Party1.jpg

“Myself and the groomsmen wore maroon and gold for The Cadets,” Tim said.

“My bridesmaids were in blue because I marched Bucs,” Vicki added.

Vicki was in the color guard in the Reading Buccaneers, so the couple used guard flags to decorate their reception.

Mengel wedding.jpgTim and Vicki also contacted Cadets Director George Hopkins and requested to borrow a Cadets snare drum to hold the wedding cards.

"Since we’re both very involved in judging for bands and DCA, we had each table at the reception named after a judging caption,” Tim said. For example, one was labeled, “Music Effect: Percussion.”

“When they came in, each guest was given a cassette tape with their name on it and their table assignment. The centerpieces were drum heads with drum sticks,” Tim said.

MG table.jpg

Thanks so much to Tim and Vicki for sharing their story and including The Cadets in their special day. Congratulations on your marriage!

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