Side by Side: The Music of Samuel Barber

The Cadets' 2013 program has a new name, but the concept remains the same.

Originally titled Both Sides Now, this year’s show will officially be called Side by Side. As previously announced, The Cadets will be playing the music of American composer Samuel Barber – “Adagio for Strings,” “Symphony No. 1” and “Medea.”

“After program meetings, it was clear we were taking a slightly different direction than expected,” Director George Hopkins said. “Indeed, the show is about contrast, comparison, conflict and the eventual resolution, as we expected. But who performs when? Who stands when? Who moves quickly when? All of that has changed as the conversations have changed. We feel as if we will be performing Side by Side,” he said.

Thanks so much to all who participated in the design contest for this year’s logo. We received over 25 entries, many of which will be used throughout the summer of 2013. Everyone who submitted a design will be sent a gift thanking them for their time and talent on the project.

The image below is a design by Kenny Isidoro, an alumnus of The Cadets and the designer of the official Cadets 'chevron' logo. Kenny submitted his design not as part of the contest, but just based on inspiration from his logo design. This design will appear on the first tour T-shirt of The Cadets’ 2013 season, which will be available at the upcoming rehearsal weekend December 27-30.


You can visit Kenny's personal website here.


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