Cadets Search for Side-by-Side Tour Team

Various positions open for The Cadets' 2013 tour

As the winter of 2012 fades away, Youth Education in the Arts and the Performing Ensembles team is hard at work preparing for The Cadets’ 2013 summer tour.

Rich Hammond serves as the director of performing ensembles for YEA!, and he is supported by the assistant director, Melissa Barlow. Together they manage The Cadets, Cadets2, and smaller ensembles that are part of the YEA!-sponsored Urban Arts Center.

George Hopkins will be on the road with The Cadets for his thirty-first season as corps director, and beginning today, an entire team of tour associates is being assembled. 

In 2012, Patrick Duncan was the tour manager for the corps, but he has recently departed YEA! in pursuit of personal and professional relationships more in-line with his long-term hopes and dreams. That said, the following positions are available. More detail will be forthcoming, but to get you started in your thinking, here are the possibilities for touring with The Cadets in the summer of 2013.

Tour Manager A seasonal position ideally beginning May 1 and running until about August 17. This candidate should have experience with life “on the road.” She/he should have a fountain of energy and great organizational skills, and time spent with a corps or band in a teaching or administrative position would be a definite plus.

Assistant Tour Manager As the title suggests, this individual will work behind the scenes, supporting the tour manager and director in getting the corps down the road. By design, this position is usually centered around being the contact person for housings sites. This individual will also be the money manager on tour. Can you count and keep things organized? Are you personable? This position will run from May 15 to the end of the season.

Tour Assistant (Driver) We have a multitude of pickups – food, people, supplies, and other needs. Generally, this person is driving all day – not at night! – as we get things done each day. For example, The Cadets’ SUV took on 15,000 miles while traveling with the rest of the caravan last year, and 15,000 miles on its own, traveling around each town the corps visited. This position runs from May 15 to the end of the summer.

Tour Assistant (Uniform Manager, Record Keeper) The fourth person on the team is usually the organizer of chaos. Records, keeping the volunteers together, making sure pickups and drop-offs are ready to go, and shipments are made to and from locations as needed. This position also runs from mid-May until the end of the summer.

Pay for the above positions ranges from $1,000 to a few thousand dollars per summer. Of course, all food is included; you will work very, very hard; and you will gain great satisfaction in making a difference for a fantastic organization and some great, great people.

Other positions are also available:

Head Cook beginning May 15

Athletic Trainer and Assistant Athletic Trainer beginning May 15

Volunteer positions for drivers and the food team, affectionately known as the “Carrot Crew.”

Following the holidays, we will have sign-up links for those interested, but for anyone looking to gain early notice, please e-mail George Hopkins at Include a cover letter and a resume if applicable.

Happy holidays!
tour team 2012.jpg
The 2012 tour management team in front of the food truck at MetLife Stadium.


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