Cadets Alumni: "What A Night!"

Alumni Holiday Party 2012


As we have historically done for four years now, the '69 girls put on their annual skit. This year we did a 12.25 mix from The Cadets' music of the season, and after many rehearsals and lots of fun doing it, we are proud to say it went over very well with the crowd. We really enjoy presenting what has become a staple to the Christmas parties, but we are getting old! The next day, most of us were on the couch with a bottle of Alleve and hot compresses. :( The high step looks good, but oy vay, the pain it puts on the old knees and backs. But, the show must go on! Thanks to Dee Kolbusz Schlachter for supplying our costumes, flags, choreography and most of all, her patience! For the judges that were in the audience, please be kind in your critique which I am sure is forthcoming. For a bunch of "Golden Girls," we gave it our all and hope you enjoyed it. Thank you Renee, Margee, Jackie, Dee, Greg Pych and Pat Ragnoni for your friendships and also for being such a special part of the evening.

Click here to watch the video of the '69 girls' 12.25 performance!


ChristmasParty2.jpgOnce the skit was over, the dinner began and we all ate and ate and ate. Of couse we had to all dance for the next three hours to take off the extra pounds. Old friends, new friends... all dancing together, laughing and bonding over the family that is The Cadets. As I made my way around the tables, the one thing that was apparent was that everyone was laughing and conversing. I think everyone really enjoyed being together and truly appreciates this one special night every year to connect in the sisterhood/brotherhood of our heritage.

Once again, we had our Tricky Tray display which was absolutely over the top this year. Everyone who donated, thank you! You went above and beyond what we asked of you. The baskets were gorgeous! The centerpieces for our tables, donated by the Nikischer family, were the best ever! Individual Christmas trees with the colors of the corps, 12.25 as the tree-top, and minature wrapped presents under each one. What a great display! Thank you, Joey and Mr. and Mrs. Nikischer. Thanks to Ginny and Ted Wildt and Patti and Steve Trojanowski for taking on the job of selling the tickets.

As the night was winding down, we all gathered for our traditional singing of the Holy Name song. I must say, we get better and better each year. We sounded GREAT! Thanks to Tony Bartello for leading us. If you looked around the semi-circle at each alumus with a hand on the other's shoulder, you could see the pride in everyone's faces as they sang their hearts out. There were a few tears and many smiles... a warm feeling inside passed from one to another... what a site to behold. It's always the highlight of my night.

Immediately following this masterpiece, we all swayed together to "That's What Friends Are For," and we each knew that no matter what, our Cadet brothers and sisters are just that... friends for life. A commonality that only we share. The same uniform, the same history and all these years later, the same friends. We are all truly blessed.


If you missed this year's party you really missed out on a great time. To those of you who were there, thank you friends, and I hope you all had as good of a time as I did!

Happy Holidays to all,
CIndi Carozza DeVivo


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