Congrats to Inaugural Parade Participants JMHS and DBHS

Dobyns-Bennett HS and Jackson Memorial HS did USBands proud Monday

The USBands team would like to congratulate the Dobyns-Bennett High School and Jackson Memorial High School marching bands for their superb performances for President Obama in the 57th Inaugural Parade on Monday afternoon.


The band students were up, dressed and bused into the city early in the morning to begin the process of painstakingly thorough security checks, frigid "warm ups" and lunch in a big white tent with TVs on which they could watch Obama's Inauguration Ceremony.

The parade step-off was delayed about 45 minutes because the Congressional Luncheon went a bit long, but overall the events of the day occurred just as planned, and the students marched and played past the presidential reviewing stand on national television.


The band members joined the cast of approximately 8,800 people featured in the parade, which is expected to be the most-attended event of 2013. Representatives from all 50 states followed the president and vice president on the 1.5-mile route down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Also featured in the parade were state-themed floats from Hawaii, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Delaware -- the birthplaces of President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden and Jill Biden, respectively. The President's Own U.S. Marine Band also performed, as they have been since Thomas Jefferson's inauguration in 1801.

View a video of Dobyns-Bennett's performance in the parade.

Read more about Jackson Memorial's parade experience.


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