Cadets Have Learned Entire Music Book in January

January Rehearsal Report


Without question, after the January rehearsal weekend, The Cadets are far ahead of any other Cadets corps (in recent years, anyway). The corps is now playing over 12 minutes of show music -- that's right, the entire show.

184747_4334874014255_274435711_n.jpgRobert Machado, a second-year mellophone player, had a camera on him all weekend. Check out the video he made.

Of course, every year, the creative design continues to evolve throughout the winter, spring and even summer, so the show will undoubtedly undergo some changes. But to have the music book learned and in the refining stages already is a big victory.

Don't forget, this is especially important for The 2013 Cadets because the corps will not have another ensemble rehearsal weekend until the end of April, very shortly before the corps moves in to Spring Training. The percussion section will have one camp in March, but the staff won't see the brass or guard again until April 26.

The talk of the weekend was the ballad. The hornline learned the music for the first time, and when Percussion Caption Supervisor Colin McNutt happened to walk in and hear them play it on Saturday, he quickly gathered the entire drumline and pit, put them in front of the brass, and asked the hornline to play it again.


"I think you all can feel the excitement in the air about the show," Brass Caption Supervisor Gino Cipriani told the brass players in their final meeting on Sunday afternoon. "It's going to be a special year."

No recordings of the ballad have been released just yet, but look forward to a powerful and emotional piece like The Cadets haven't done in several years. (And that's not to mention the incredibly agressive and impressive percussion book Colin has put together for the drumline.)

In addition to all the excitement over the show music, the members were fitted for their uniforms this weekend -- a very memorable experience for first-year Cadets. As previously announced, the corps will be returning to their traditional maroon and gold uniform this year -- a uniform only a few members of The 2013 Cadets have ever worn, since the year before 12.25, the uniforms colors were mixed between the angels and demons.


To see some more pictures from last weekend's camp, be sure to check out our Facebook page. You can see many more pictures here.


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