Alumni Meeting Recap and Upcoming Events

Come out and support the corps this summer


On Friday, March 1, we had our first North Jersey Chapter Alumni meeting of 2013 in the Holy Name Church meeting room in Garfield, NJ. I was pleased with the attendance, as there were 36 alumni present, but would love to see more of you come out and meet up with some old friends and enjoy an evening together. We had our usual gourmet pizza dinner and shared dessert and coffee together. We shared laughs and old times. As always, we ended our meeting by singing the Holy Name song together with Jiim Messina conducting. This is always my favorite part of the night, and I have to say, we sounded pretty good! We even let George Hopkins join in the circle!

The date of our next meeting will be announced soon. Please try to make it; we want our chapter to continue to grow and thrive.

Our speakers were Richard Wardlow and George Hopkins, and we appreciate both of these gentlemen coming to our meeting. Richard Wardlow discussed the benefit for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. For information on the Hurricane Sandy benefit, please visit

Cadets Director George Hopkins discussed the upcoming season, The Cadets' 2013 program, fundraising, financials and upcoming events. George explained things to the alumni in a clear and precise manner and gave us a good picture of what is happening with our corps. It was nice to get a sneak peek of the season, and it sounds like once again the corps will be putting on an amazing and entertaining show for all of us to enjoy and be proud of.

Click here for information on the 2013 DCI shows.

Save the Dates for This Summer’s Events:
Food and Wine Fest

Sunday, May 12
Northern New Jersey
Time and location TBA

Thursday, June 13
7:00 p.m.
Miller Symphony Hall
Allentown, PA

Cadets Beefsteak Dinner
Friday, June 14
Russian Orthodox Church
Garfield, NJ
More details to come

Cadets Kickoff in Allendale, NJ
Saturday, June 15
Northern Highlands HS
Allendale, NJ
More details to come

For quite a few years now, the alumni has collaborated in our annual Caps for Cadets Campaign, in which we raise money to give a cap to each member of the corps, made specifically for this year's Cadets. This is the alumni's special gift to The 2013 Cadets, and it is always a joy to both the kids and alumni. I am so grateful to everyone who has already supported this campaign. If you haven't had a chance to come to Allendale to see The Cadets' preview show before they leave for tour and participate in the presentation of the caps, please try and do so this year. You will not regret it.

Jim Messina (alumnus and past drum major) will once again be chairing the Wine and Food Fest this year. This is another event that you will not want to miss. The food is outstanding, the ambiance is beautiful and you get to spend an afternoon with your friends in a very relaxed environment. Don't think of this as strictly a wine tasting. That's the least of it! The silent auction is so much fun with so many amazing offerings. If you haven't come to this event in the past, try it out this year. Once you attend, you will find yourself coming back every year. It just gets better and better. The best part is, 100% of the profits go to The Cadets. :)

If you can't make a local meeting, I hope to see you at one of the shows or the Beefsteak Dinner, the Wine and Food Fest or the Caps for Cadets presentation and preview show. Let's keep our family together and show the kids how much we appreciate them and what they do to keep The Cadets' traditions alive. Let them know how proud you are of them. Isn't that something you would have loved to hear when you marched from someone who wore the uniform before you? I know I did. The kids are the future of our corps, and we need to let them know that we are behind them. Whether you contribute to the Maroon and Gold Club, sponsor a Cadet or buy a ticket to a show, everything is appreciated because without that, we could be one of the many corps that has folded due to lack of finances. Let's come together and do what we can to support our kids. We are them, they are us; only a few decades separate us, but the experience is the same. How lucky we are to have had it.

Come and bond with your family of Cadets alumni when you can. We want to see you and spend time with you and catch up. We miss you!

Cindi Carozza DeVivo


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