Maroon & Gold Club Becomes Two Circles

Cadets implement M&G Alumni Circle, Family & Friends Circle


The Cadets have the most generous donors in the drum corps community.

M&G2013_small.jpgIn 1982, George Hopkins, a young graduate student studying non-profit management in night school while learning to manage The Cadets by day, started the Maroon & Gold Club. Since then, thousands of gracious donors have contributed over $4 million to The Cadets. To say that The Cadets would not exist today if not for the generosity of so many is no exaggeration.

With plans for the 2013 campaign well underway, The Cadets are happy to announce that the Maroon & Gold Club will now have two circles: The Maroon & Gold Alumni Circle and the Maroon & Gold Friends and Family Circle.

Just as the sections of the corps depend on each other, the new sections of the Maroon & Gold Club must work together to support The Cadets. Perhaps this delineation is a small change, but in sodoing we hope to acknowledge all who support The Cadets and to be unique in our recognition, yet equal in our kindness and thanks to all. Both circles of the Maroon & Gold Club will have unique gifts and benefits, and campaign results will be announced separately as well.


Over the years, the number of donors from outside the alumni has risen, while the percentage of donating alumni has decreased.

"It's an interesting challenge," George Hopkins said. "The impact of The Cadets is well documented, and there is no question of the impact this experience has upon its members. However, there is room for much-needed growth in our donor base, particularly from our younger alumni."

hand_shoulder.jpgWith this change in the structure of the Maroon & Gold Club, we hope to better reach our alumni and provide the best vehicle possible to support generations of future Cadets.

"For alumni, we hope to be able to report on our success by decade, section and other creative ways," Hopkins said. "And we also hope that our ticket and souvenir buyers will play a greater role as we seek to grow our support base."

Cadets Brass Caption Supervisor and recent Hall of Fame inductee, Gino Cipriani has seen this program grow since he joined the team in 2000. "The buses are better, the food has improved, and the instruction is top-notch year after year," Gino said. "I doubt very much that there is another program that teaches life education in the way that George Hopkins does with The Cadets. Sometimes I hate that it takes time away from rehearsal, but when you stop to think about what we are doing here year after year, it's about more than playing a trumpet or tossing a rifle. We really are contributing to the future of these kids! I have a 13-year-old daughter, and I would love for her to march here when the times comes. It is an awesome program."

The Cadets' 2013 Annual Campaign will launch in late March with the goal of growing the contributor base to 1,000 supporters, both alumni and fans. With fuel costs continually on the rise, there isn't much choice but to build The Cadets' foundation for the present and future.

"So if you are an alumnus, fan, parent or friend, we hope to hear from you. We want to hear from you. And we hope to see you this summer," Hopkins said.

Look for your invitation to join the Circle soon!

For more information on The Cadets, please visit or call Brad Martin at 610-821-0345 ext. 138.


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