Memorial Military Mass

Help us gather a complete list of Cadets to remember

tumblr_lw2tmo1zCw1r3ifxko1_500.pngCadets Memorial Military Mass
Holy Name Church
Marsellus Place at Passaic St.
Garfield, NJ
Sat., June 15, 12 p.m.

To all who have worn the maroon and gold, their families and friends, and all those who wish to attend this special service, we will be honoring deceased Cadets individually by name at the Memorial Military Mass on June 15 at 12 p.m. at Holy Name Church in Garfield, NJ.

We suspect that there are Cadets missing from the following list because we were never notified of their passing. Please read the list over carefully to ensure that any deceased Cadets you are aware of are included. If you have a name to add please contact Dave Shaw, but please be certain that your information is correct. If you add a name to this list, it would also be helpful if you could notify the family and friends of the deceased. Thank you for your assistance.

Please invite all Cadets alumni with whom you are in contact to this special mass. A Cadets alumnus and florist will be handling the flowers for this ceremony, and attendees will be able to purchase individually inscribed white roses for a small charge in the church lobby prior to the mass. The personalized roses may then be placed around the memory table in front of the altar. Arrangements are being made for those unable to attend the mass to be able to order roses as well. This information appears below.

The mass is scheduled for noon, but it would be helpful if those attending would be in their seats no later than 11:45 a.m.

If you know of any alumni who are too infirm to travel to the church independently, it would be very helpful if you could arrange to have them brought to and from the service.

Please make every effort to attend. It will be rich in The Cadets' tradition, and we would like to have a full church to properly honor all our brothers and sisters in the corps who now belong to the ages.


Albano, Tom 49-51
Angelica, Don 53-58
Armstrong, Gerald (Jerry) 63-65
Barilla, Vincent (Jim) 48-56
Baumfalk, John 34-37
Bella Rosa, Bob 48-52
Bienski, Walt 57-58
Blair-Tirrito, Cheryl 1972
Bognatz, John 48-59
Bonanno, Louis 52-57
Bonin, Herb 48-54
Burkert, Herb 51-57
Celmer, Joe 63-64
Cherrick, George 66-69
Chiodo, Charles 1930s
Chirichella, Richard 65-71
Cianfrone, Joseph 52-53
Coley, Thomas 66-67
Cuccia, Joseph 34-41
D'Amico, Carmine 51-56
D'Arrigo, Vincent 39-52
DeBlieck, Charles 56-60
DeRiso, Carl need yrs
Dewey, Mike 72-77
Donnelly, William 60-66
Dosky, Paul 1950s
Eagleson, James 51-53
Erben, Susan 78-84
Fecko, Joe 47-52
Filippelli, Ernest 54-58
Freeswick, Donald 44-50
Furca, Walter need yrs
Furman, Ritchie 47-51
Gasnik, Richard 34-42
Giglinto, Frank 47-52
Griffin, Tom 53-56
Gruber, John 49-51
Handler, Greg 78-82
Hartmann, Fred 44-51
Hilger, George 71-79
Hossack, Michael need yrs
Hudzik, Karen need years
Jackson, Paul 89-90/92
Jezercak, Rudy 52-57
Johnson, Warren 52-53
Johnson, Wesley 1987
King, Bob 60-65
Klag, Bob 51-52
Koepff, Michael 34-36
Konyak, Richard 55-59
Kooyenga, Pete (Whitey) 61-62
Kopacz, Karen 75-82
Kostic, Andrew 1940s
Kowalski, Phil 50-54
LaForte, Frank 37-41
LaNeve, Mike 65-68
Lichtenberger, Michael Jr. 34-41
Luckacs, Steve 47-51
Lyons, George 47-49
Maat, Thomas 59-63
Matash, Al 49-52
Matash, Msgr, Edward 1940s
Maxey, Dan 64-67
McGarry, Patrick 58-60
McParland, Patrick 1966
Messineo, James early '60s
Messineo, Sr., Robert 34-41
Meyers, Randy late 1970s
Mura, Marcel 34-41
Mura, Louis 35-46
Mura, Henry 57-63
Nance, Michelle 1982
Naquin, Troy 81-85
Natale, Joe 79-80
Nicholas, Anthony 47-51
O'Hara, Joe 67-70
Orr, William 38-40
Ottagolli, Primo late 40s
Padone, Ross 47-52
Paluh, Joseph 39-47
Paton, Todd 73-74
Patrisso, Ed 34-41
Perrapato, Richard 48-53
Petrencak, George 54-59
Pezzuti, Tony 1960
Plaza, John need yrs
Pohrischak, Michael early '50s
Polvan, Dennis 1980
Raymond, Nick 57-67
Reda, Lou 70-72
Reilly, OFM, Myles need years
Ribado, Sal 46-49
Rolleri, Victor 73-77
Russell, Lee 1985
Santo, Richard 48-52
Saputo, Nick 02-03
Scarpa, Ray 47-52
Schaffert, Jack 66-67
Shmegelski, Lenny 1940s
Shumack, Gregg 1940s
Silvestri, Louis 59-68
Silvestri, Eugene 56-70
Slinger, Ted 34-46
Stemmer, Robert 57-58
Stivers, Jack 63-65
Swistak, Jr., Frank 1966
Takacs, Robert 52-57
Tantillo, James 40s
Tardibono, John need yrs
Tokar, John 61-76
Van Dillewyn , John 75-76
Varga, Bob 60-65
Vitrano, Frank 66-67
Welch, David 84-87
Zidowsky, Roger 48-56
Zwarycz, Gregory 57-62

If you would like to add a deceased Cadet´s name to this list, please e-mail Dave Shaw at with their name and years marched (if known). If you are unsure of your information, please confirm before sending.

Information for obtaining memory roses:
Florist: Joey Nikishcher
The cost of a rose is $5. This includes a white rose in a water tube, individually wrapped with a bow and a personalized card.

To order a white rose for the ceremony, please email Joey Nikishcher at or call him at 609-731-5454. Please include the name of the Cadet you would like to honor. He will provide his mailing address, to which you may send a check.

If you will be attending the event and would like to order a rose in advance, you may pay at the mass. Reserving roses in advance is recommended.

Joey and his parents generously donate the altar flowers every year and provide table decorations for the Alumni Christmas Party and other alumni events. Please keep them in mind when ordering flowers for a personal event. Everything they’ve done for the alumni has been very well done, and all of it has been donated.



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