Beefsteak: It's What's for Dinner

An evening of camaraderie and generosity

Celebrate and support another new summer of drum corps with Cadets alumni, friends and fans at the first-annual Cadets Beefsteak Dinner on Friday, June 14.

This event will be held at the beautiful Russian Orthodox Church of Three Saints in Garfield, NJ.


Beefsteak banquets originated in New York City in the mid-1800s as a way to celebrate, promote and financially support organizations. At these dinners, beef tenderloin is served as all-you-can-eat finger food, thinly sliced on rounds of bread. Eating with one's fingers and not being afraid to get messy were integral to the culture of the early beefsteaks, and napkins were considered unnecessary. (However, we will be providing napkins for those who prefer to "always look good.")

The Cadets Beefsteak Dinner is a new edition to the corps' eventful kickoff weekend in New Jersey.

On Thursday, June 13, The 2013 Cadets will finish up rehearsal at spring training and head to Allentown, PA to perform at YEAllentown, This annual concert celebrates each of the arts programs of YEA! and is held at Miller Symphony Hall, just across the street from the office.

The next day, on June 14, we hope to see many of our friends and alumni for this special evening of fellowship and fun. Meet new people who share your passion for the corps and reconnect with friends over a delicious Beefsteak dinner.

Then, on June 15, The Cadets will perform their 2013 program in uniform for friends and alumni in Allendale, NJ. More details for this event are forthcoming.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks, and we hope you'll join us at the first-annual Cadets Beefsteak!



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