Final Day to Vote: 2013 Cadets Hall of Fame

Seven Nominees for the Prestigious Hall

HOFletterAfter pouring over more than 38 nomination and support letters, The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce the nominees for the Class of 2013.

The committee would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a letters in support of a candidate. Beginning today, all Cadets alumni who are registered members of the Alumni Association may vote on the nominees. Voting will end on Wednesday, April 24. You must be a member of The Cadets Alumni Association to vote, so please sign up today in order to vote for one of these deserving nominees:

Nominees for the Class of 2013

Daniel Benton, Member 1997-1998, Visual Staff 2000-2011
Daniel marched in The Cadets in 1997 and 1998 as a lead soprano. He joined The Cadets' visual staff in 2000 and taught visual technique through 2009, continuing to help out until 2011. Daniel has been a part of four of The Cadets' DCI World Championship titles and two high visual awards, and he has been immortalized as the “Flying Cadet” in on of the most famous Cadets photos of all time. Daniel's "Flying Cadet" photo served as the template for The Cadet’s "Running Man" logo for the early-to-mid 2000s.
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Richard Chirichella, Member and Drum Major 1964-1971

Prior to his untimely death in 1971, Richard served as a drum major for The Cadets from 1969 through 1971. He started marching with the corps in 1964 as a baritone bugle player and was honored as Cadet of the Year in 1967. He also helped out as an instructor for the Plebes, The Cadets' former feeder corps.
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John Bognatz, Member 1948-1959, Graphic Designer
John Bognatz began his marching career with the Holy Name Cadets in 1948. He continued marching through 1959, during the corps' separation from the Most Holy Name Church. When this transition began, it was John, a graphic artist, who designed the newly established Garfield Cadets' emblem. Throughout the years that followed, John provided graphic designs for flags, drum heads, posters, promotional flyers, T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs and much more.
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Dave Helms, Member 1979-1982, Administrator and Volunteer 1983-2004
A marching member, volunteer and staff member, Dave has been involved with The Cadets and Youth Education in the Arts since 1979. He started as a snare drummer in the 1979 Garfield Cadets and was awarded a Distinguished Service Award in 1981 and the Cadet of the Year Award in 1982. Dave worked as an administrator for The Cadets from 1983 through 2004, doing everything from driving buses to keeping the books. He still volunteers for The Cadets and USBands to this day.
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Nick and Carol Kronyak, Volunteers 1986-2006
As volunteers, Nick and Carol have spent countless hours supporting The Cadets throughout the 80s, 90s and 2000s. They began helping the Garfield Cadets in 1986 when their daughter, Marie, became a member of the corps. Carol sewed all the flags while Nick worked the gates or concession stands at various shows. He also learned to sew so that he could help Carol with the flags. The Kronyaks continued to volunteer with The Cadets all the way through 2006.
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John Tokar, Member 1962–1971, Instructor, Drill Writer, Administrator
An administrator, drill writer, volunteer and supporter, John Tokar has been involved with The Cadets at many levels. He joined the corps as a soprano player in 1966 and aged out in 1971 as the horn sergeant. After that, he joined the design staff and was the Garfield Cadets' main drill writer in the mid-70s. In 1984, John was one of the first members of the board of directors. Over the years, he has spent many summers volunteering with the corps.
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Patrick Zampetti, Member 1977-1980, Staff 1981-1984

Pat Zampetti marched with the Garfield Cadets from 1977 to 1980 as a snare drummer and served as the drum sergeant for three years. In 1980, he was recognized for his commitment to the corps as Cadet of the Year. After he aged out, Pat remained with the corps as a member of the percussion staff from 1981 through 1984, helping the Garfield Cadets win their first two DCI World Championships. He has continued his career as a music educator and is currently teaching percussion for the University of Virginia Marching Band.
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A formal announcement of the inductees to the Class of 2013 will be made on April 28 via live webcast from The Cadets' ensemble rehearsal in Woodstown, NJ.

Please e-mail Eric Santo at if you have any questions or concerns about The Cadets Hall of Fame.


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