2013 Indoor Championships Wrap-Up

Team USBands thanks and congratulates everyone involved

Congratulations to all students who participated in USBands' 2013 Indoor Colorguard and Percussion Championships on Saturday. These were certainly our most successful championships yet, and the team is excited to work and grow this four-year-old indoor circuit for the years to come.


CEO of USBands and YEA! George Hopkins said the championships even exceeded his expectations. "I judged both the guards and the percussionists, which gave me the chance to see all 50 or so groups," he said. "I was very happy to see the progress of the groups, as well as the joy and passion in the faces of these kids. I laughed, I cried, I was disappointed, and I was thrilled. Each group did a great job, and their staffs are to be commended."


Hunterdon Central Regional High School's brand-new field house was a great venue for the event, with a large, centralized cafeteria that provided plenty of space for guests and participants to mingle between groups. During both segments of the competition, spectators filled the bleachers to capacity, creating an exhilarating performance environment for the students. A huge thanks go out to everyone who attended this event and supported the incredibly talented young performers.

The final scores and caption awards have been posted for both the colorguard and percussion portions of Saturday's championships:
View the results
of the USBands 2013 Indoor Colorguard Championship.

View the results of the 2013 Zildjian Indoor Percussion Series Presented by USBands.

2013IndoorChamps3.jpg"Unlike marching band, where the performers are at such a distance, in the indoor arena, the performers are indeed the performance," George Hopkins continued. "Our goal is to support the development of young people into magnificent human beings, and I saw a whole lot of magnificence on Saturday. For that, I am grateful, proud, and humbled."

Thanks again and congratulations to all participants, staff members, volunteers and parents.

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Photos by USBands Media Makers Christopher Maher and John Yurkin.


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