Cadets Seek Electronic Wizard and Assistant to Join Design and Instructional Teams

Two summer positions involving electronic audio mixing/sampling

A note from Cadets Director George Hopkins:
AudioMixer1.jpgThe Cadets have led the marching arts activitiy in the incorporation of electronic instruments, sampling, audio effects and amplification. Without question, the corps' 2011 production, Between Angels and Demons, was greatly improved by the artistry and creativity of the percussion team and the electronic presence, with special effects orchestrated in large part by Ian Grom.

As the 2013 program comes together, we can see a role for electronics, but not at the obvious level of some corps or even past Cadets productions.

Per The Cadets' Percussion Caption Supervisor, Colin McNutt, “What we have with the Barber music are fully orchestrated charts. Jay Bocook has done a great job with the brass book, and we are growing each day in terms of the percussion's contribution. BUT, we want more. We need a partner. We need someone who can blend classical music and electronic samples seamlessly.”

At present, there is only a very small base of talented individuals who are involved in the electronic side of drum corps. Many contribute to more than one corps and perhaps even come from the same school of thought.

So, The Cadets are putting out a call into the world, as we believe there are hundreds of people who have the skill, talent, experience and desire to be a part of something at the level of The Cadets. The problem is, we do not know who you are or what might be possible. We know who we know, and we are hoping to attract who we do not know.

The Position:
The successful candidate will become a member of The Cadets' Design Team, working with Percussion Caption Supervisor Colin McNutt, Front Ensemble Supervisor Iain Moyer and Brass Arranger Jay Bocook to develop the electronic contribution to the 2013 Barber compositions. With two keyboards, a Mallet Kat, the opportunity for endless sampling and the amplification of numerous acoustic instruments, there is a tapestry of possibilities.


While the summer schedule is somewhat flexible, the Electronic Designer will be needed on-site with the corps for about 30 days from April to August. Because of the corps' fast-moving summer tour schedule, location will depend on the dates present.

We are also looking for an assistant to handle the electronic gear, support the overall percussion effort and be a part of the front ensemble team.

If you are interested in either position, designer or tech, please write to George Hopkins directly at

Please include:
Audio/video samples of your work
*A background check will be conducted before a successful candidate is offered the position.

The Cadets will fill this position by April 20 of at all possible.

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