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Outstanding Volunteers: Dave Marden

When volunteer coordinators dream, they dream about people like Dave Marden.


Dave (left) got the volunteer bug as a Verona HS band parent. He continued as a Raiders parent and volunteer and then came to USBands, willing to continue to do anything he could to help make the marching band experience better for kids.

With his easygoing nature and ability to understand both the opportunities and the problems that students and band directors face, Dave became an instant asset to USBands and a highly requested show coordinator. But that was not enough! He began to appear at Cadets camps and shows and became an asset there as well. And whether he's coordinating a marching band competition or cooking a meal for a drum corps, he always shows up willing to do whatever he can to help.

When YEA! decided to put a DCA corps on the field, Dave was first in line to volunteer. He became a student of the art of creating full meals with just a pot and a grill and became the first chief cook and bottle-washer, driver and all-around go-to guy for Cadets2.

Thanks so much, Dave, for all you do!


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