It's What's Inside That Counts

A letter from Cadets Director George Hopkins

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Hi all,

M&G_uniforms.pngSpring is here, summer is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: It’s drum corps season! In just a few weeks, The 2013 Cadets will move in and work towards their first performance of the year.

And it is time for you to support The Cadets by joining The Maroon & Gold Club!

Just go to to join the club today.

You will be receiving letters and e-mails from us over the next few weeks reminding you about this campaign. We will share feature stories about our members and give you different perspectives of other donors and Cadets alumni.

But I believe you already know why it’s so important to support The Cadets: It’s about the kids.

M&G_portraits.jpgThe Cadets will return to their traditional maroon and gold uniform this year for their 2013 program, Side by Side. It will be like nothing you have ever seen before, and I’m sure you will love it, not just because of the design or the arrangements – those are only part of it. The true reason this show will be amazing is because of the members of the corps.

These kids are going to run around that field and perform their hearts out. They’re going to rehearse until every element of the show is as close to perfect as possible. They’ll work harder than they ever thought they could. And they will learn the incredible capabilities they have inside.

Then, after this summer, these young women and men will take their Cadets experience and the lessons they learn and go on to become the best at whatever they do. They will live their lives as Cadets. They will work hard, give back and profoundly impact many lives.

These kids need your support. Please join The Maroon & Gold Club today.

I have set a goal to add 1,000 new members to The Maroon and Gold Club this year by May 31! I have challenged my office team to help make this happen because it’s not about how much money one person gives.

Whatever amount you can donate is the perfect amount.

It’s about participating. It’s about getting involved. It’s about joining us and supporting these deserving young people.

Please help this class of Cadets discover the greatness inside them. Join The Maroon & Gold Club today.

M&G_casual.pngThank you,
Hops Signature
George Hopkins
Director, The Cadets
CEO, Youth Education in the Arts


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