The Cadets Have $12K on the Table

Donors Challenge fans & alumni to give

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The Cadets need cash. Diesel fuel costs $4 per gallon, there are 250 members, staff and volunteers to feed on the road every day, and creative program design does not come cheap.

And the most critical component of our fundraising is the Maroon & Gold Club Campaign.

Our goal this year is 1,000 donors.

This is a huge increase from 2012, but when you look at the number of folks who buy tickets, who are alumni and who are friends and fans of the corps, we can certainly get to 1,000 donors!WonTon2013.jpeg

And it just got interesting.

Cadets Director George Hopkins, who is already a key donor (and of course he better be!), rallied some alumni and board members, and today we launch The Cadets Challenge Club.

The eight members of this unique club are totally committed to the success of The Cadets and its impact on young adults, and they have have graciously put up $12,000 in addition to their regular annual pledges.

Each member of The Cadets Challenge Club will donate an additional $34 for every person who joins the Maroon & Gold Club between Monday, May 20 at 7 a.m. and Friday, May 31 at 11:59 p.m. (Of course, the $34 is a recognition of the founding of the Holy Name Cadets in 1934.)

But this extra money only goes to The Cadets if you, your friends and other Cadets alumni get on board this month!

This truly is a challenge. Our absolute goal is to get 300 donors of $25 or more in the next 11 days.

If we do not reach our goal, the $12,000 goes away.

JesseBurbank_ST.jpegThese people already donate, so this would be an extra gift. Hopkins convinced the seven of them (excluding himself) that this incentive will give us the help we need to make a difference and get the Maroon & Gold Club to where it needs to be this year.

We have the names and addresses of 2,000 Cadets alumni. We have 6,000 ticket buyers from last summer. We have 600 donors from the 2012 Maroon & Gold Club. We have 15,000 friends and family who have purchased tickets and merchandise in the past. And we need 1,000 donors. These kids deserve 1,000 donors.

One more thing, since we are being about as honest as we can be. Folks often say that since they bought a ticket to the show, or they bought a T-shirt, they did give.

But friends, between paying all the corps, the judges and the stadium, a DCI show can cost the organization $60,000 to $100,000. Sometimes we make little profit. The $5 to $10 we make on a T-shirt is certainly helpful, but without direct support from fans, friends and alumni where would we be? In trouble.

We are thrilled and proud to have the largest donor club in drum corps, but we need to take it to the next level. Unlike some corps, we do not receive funding from bingo. We earn our money - big time.
So take a look, and please come on board. Spend $100, or at least contribute $25 or $34 (less than 75 cents a week), or go big.

But become a member. Be a contributing alumni.

Stop waiting for someone else to keep this thing going. Let's take Hopkins and The Cadets Challenge Club up on their offer while we can.

We need to raise $20,000, and even your small gift can make a big difference with the help of The Cadets Challenge Club.

Click here to donate now. Thank you so much for your support.


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