27th Lancers Foundation Scholarship Opportunities

Now accepting applications for performing arts and education scholarships


The 27th Lancers Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications which will be awarded at DCI World Championships in Indianapolis, IN.

Founded by the Bonfiglio Family, the 27th Lancers Foundation was established as a vehicle to provide scholarships to deserving individuals who are pursuing a career in education and the performing arts. The foundation will award two scholarships each year – one to a person involved in the performance arts (i.e., drum and bugle corps, winterguard, high school or college band, percussion, piano, dance, theatre, etc.) and the other to a person who aspires to become an educator.

The establishment of the 27th Lancers Foundation honors George and Patsy Bonfiglio who founded the 27th Lancers Drum & Bugle Corps. Their commitment, drive and enthusiasm lives in this foundation. 

We invite you to visit our website www.27thLancersFoundation.com for details on how to apply for a scholarship.

The deadline for submission is July 1, 2013.


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