Cadets Tour Team Set, Except One Position

One position available for just the right person

Cadets Parade in Erie May 25


The quest for two field conductors brought forth about 70 candidates, and we are thrilled to announce that the positions are filled. On May 30, the corps will again be at full strength as Kendall Stevenson and John Gardner join up with The Cadets at Spring Training in Johnstown, PA. Both come with conducting experience from band and drum corps, and we are thrilled to have experience and passion joining the ranks.

Thanks so much to everyone who applied for these two positions. Clearly, there are some great conductors out there in the world, and it's a shame that we cannot accommodate all.

Merchandise Team

The Merchandise Team is set. The 2013 Cadets will travel with a summer team led by Scott Way, who is already with the corps in Johnstown. The other two members of the team will jump on board around June 7 or so, as we travel cross country, bringing Cadets-wear to fans across the DCI nation.

We will be advertising soon for a full-time merchandise manager to work in the YEA! office and manage the online and band-show efforts, as we head into the fall marching band season and beyond.

The Corps Proper

As of May 26, the corps is again full. We had an open trumpet spot due to a departure and a baritone position recently open due to an injury. Both positions will be filled by vets of The Cadets. (Note: A tuba player recently went to the hospital with a knee issue. We hope for a full recovery, but stay tuned for any future openings in the corps.)

The Tour Management Team

We have added Nate Foreman to the administrative team. Nate is a Johnstown resident with dreams of working for YEA!. He will begin on June 9 as an associate member of the team. Normally, this would have have set the team into motion with a full roster.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are looking for a leader for the troops -- a tour manager.

Our planned manager has returned home and will not be available this summer.

With George Hopkins and Bruno Zuccala on the road for most of the summer, there is of course a solid team of leaders, but we are looking for someone who can coordinate the efforts of all and make the summer an utter joy to be a part of.

We need someone to manage the day-to-day process, including:

Food operations and the support of the volunteers
Travel operations and the support of the drivers and transportation manager
School and sponsor relations
Needs and desires of the corps memebers
Travel planning
Coordination with the office

In short, we are looking for someone to manage the tour, the tour team and all that are involved -- a manager, an excellent manager, to get the corps from city to city.

Ideally, we are looking for a Cadet alumnus, or at least be a past corps administrator. The hours are long, and the pay is moderate, so youth could be a definite advantage. On the other hand, experience is certainly a plus.

The Cadets depart Spring Training on June 13, and we would love to have had someone on board yesterday. In the meantime, George Hopkins, Bruno Zuccala and Rich Hammond are stepping in for the spring.

For information or to apply, send a letter of interest and resume to George Hopkins at Needless to say, we are excited to hear from you.


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