Wedding of Jacob and Sarah Ulm

Two recent alumni married Saturday


Jacob Ulm and Sarah Argul met in The Cadets during their first year in the corps in 2010. Jacob was a baritone player; Sarah was a member of the colorguard.


The two started dating long-distance after the summer of 2010 and had one more year of marching together in 2011.

Jacob was Team Angel; Sarah was Team Demon.

Their final Cadets performance was their World Championship "victory run" of The Cadets' 2011 program, Between Angels and Demons.

Jacob in The Cadets' hornline as they were announced the 2011 DCI World Champions

Jacob and Sarah had a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Norfolk, VA this past Saturday, May 25.

Jacob Ulm, Sarah Argul and groomsman/current Cadet Liam Sargent

"I was actually the only current member to go to the wedding," said groomsman and fellow baritone player Liam Sargent, who was allowed to leave Spring Training to attend the wedding.

Jacob's best man was Cadets alumnus Mike Phillips who marched baritone in 2011 and 2012. John Lloyd, an alumnus from 2010, was also among Jacob's groomsmen. A few former members of the colorguard attended as well.

Cadets alumni with Sarah and Jacob

"Jacob was my high school drum major my freshman year in Virginia Beach," Liam said. "He's been somewhat of a mentor to me for many years and introduced me to DCI and The Cadets. I was delighted to be a part of the wedding party and couldn't be happier for both of them."


Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Ulm!

for Holy Name shall always be...


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