Seeking Small Vehicle Drivers for Tour

Cadets seeking to fill a few open volunteer positions

Here comes tour!

It's just about time to go, and as can be the case, there are a few openings on the volunteer crew.

Spring Training has gone well. We have a full food service contingent for the summer, and the corps is moving through the show, but we are not going to be moving too far unless we fill in some small vehicle driver holes.

These are the folks who get the corps down the road each night from city to city.


Our drivers sleep during the day, catch a little rehearsal and dinner, be a prop assistant, watch the show, and settle in for another drive.

And The Cadets drivers are a great group. This year, they even purchased their own hockey jerseys so that they are well identified.

So, what is the need?

  • From June 12 (Johnstown, PA) or June 13 (Allentown, PA) to July 12 -- about a month.
  • We would love to have you for the entire month, but if you can do a few weeks that would be great. And we can work with you on travel to get you to and fro.
  • Whether you marched, know someone in the corps or are a fan, this is an awesome way to help out and give back to the corps.
  • Plus, you'll get the opportunity to be up close and personal with a great and very special group of kids.
  • AND you get to see stadiums around the country!


  • If you have a valid driver's license.
  • Are comfortable driving a small, 20-foot truck pulling a smaller trailer
  • And are good at driving at night

We need you to drop us a line.

We have a few days to settle this in, and we're looking to fill the positions on a first come, first serve basis.

For information or to get on board, please write to Melissa Barlow at, or call her at 610-821-0345 x 115.

You can also write to George Hopkins directly at, and he will get you in touch and on board!

Happy Summer! And please do join the team today.


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