Spring Training Report from Our 2013 Journalist

Introducing Travis Cornejo

Meet Travis Cornejo, The 2013 Cadets' journalist. This is Travis' first season with The Cadets. Last season, he interned with Drum Corps International's communications department. He attends school in Missouri and is a native of south Texas. Check back daily for Travis' reports from the road!

Rain might have interrupted the Cadets’ breakfast, but quickly enough the weather got its act together as the corps began their work for the day.

Volunteers and members of the admin team went to work indoors – altering uniforms, nailing down travel logistics, and the like. All the work is to ensure everything is ready as the corps prepares to leave Johnstown and kick off their 2013 tour in less than two weeks.

All the while, the corps rehearsed across the University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown campus.

Watching sectionals can be a bit of an odd experience when coming in blind to the show. But everything starts to make sense when watching the corps come together in the evening for ensemble rehearsal.

All those seemingly random exercises that sections performed over and over again, suddenly make sense when put into the context of the show. It’s very much an “Aha! moment.”

Another realization that comes with seeing The Cadets in full ensemble is seeing how seamlessly they work with the Johnstown community.  While the corps runs reps from the show, athletes play soccer on the same field and joggers make their way around the track.

And of course, there’s the small audience up in the bleachers, feeling the stands vibrate after every hit. It’s definitely a quaint sight to see, as it won’t be long before the corps is performing in front of thousands.


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