Cadets head into final week of Spring Training

The corps ended the day fine-tuning drill

Cool weather prevails as The Cadets kick off their final week of Spring Training in Johnstown, Pa. In visual rehearsal this morning, the corps focused on improving the parts of the show they already have on the field. 

Before heading out to sectionals, the corps gathered by the food truck for a lunch that included both chicken patties and hotdogs.

When sectionals were over and snacks were consumed, the corps headed to their final rehearsal of the day. The first half hour of ensemble was dedicated to working on the ballad, before the corps moved on to work on improving the preceding movements. 

As always, a few Johnstown residents made their way out to the Richland HS football stadium to see how the corps was progressing. Some were asking about the upcoming performance on June 9, when The Cadets will perform a run-through of their 2013 show, Side by Side for the community.

At the end of the day, as the corps made their way back across the street, tour admin team member Mike Scott said things are going great at this point in the season.

“The corps is looking forward to tour, but they're also in the groove here, and everything's going well,” Mike said. “They’re making a lot of progress from a performance stand point, and to understanding how The Cadets work on a day to day basis.”

Mike said although the corps is at a good place and working hard, they’re enjoying themselves too.


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