Cadets rained out

The corps made it halfway through ensemble before heading back indoors

Keeping tabs on The Cadets during Spring Training can be pretty difficult, and when inclement weather sends every section to a new, rain-free location around UPJ's campus, it makes the job that much harder.

But poor weather or not, The Cadets kept operating business as usual on Thursday.

Members of the admin staff took a much-needed trip out to Sam's Club to help restock the food truck. It's a tough, but necessary job to keep the corps well fed throughout the day. Three meals and a snack don't just appear out of thin air.

Inside Maple Hall, where some of the admin staff is headquartered, discussion took place regarding the props for this season. A lot of thought goes into making sure the props will both look good and function well out on the field. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, members of the tour admin team kept putting out fires, finding places for sections to rehearse as the weather forced them indoors throughout the day.

The rain let up by the time ensemble rolled around at 7 p.m., but unfortunately the field was double-booked for the night (with a soccer team ending up on the field). So following snack, sections once again found themselves spread across campus for the night. And in yet another unexpected hurdle, ensemble — or "nonsemble" by this point — was called off by 8 p.m. due to heavy rain, making the double-booked field a moot point.

In the end, it was a good call, as the rain kept up throughout the night, and well past 9 p.m. Believe it or not, some members kept on practicing in the halls and in their rooms for the remaining hour before dinner, so fans shouldn't worry too much about the lost hour of rehearsal.

Here's hoping for a rain-free Friday.


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