Still battling the elements

Friday's rainfall didn't stop The Cadets from rehearsing.

In Johnstown, Richland Stadium is one hot commodity. On Friday, The Cadets finally got their turn on the field by 11 a.m. (Something to be thankful for, as maneuvering on the grass side field can be pretty tricky.)

Something else to be thankful for on Friday was the weather, which remained fairly decent for most of the day. That is, until it was time for ensemble. Rehearsal was pushed back half an hour, as the admin staff thought the bad weather would pass by then. 

But it didn't. Still, the decision was made to take advantage of the field time. The corps held a shortened rehearsal where they ran through the show in small chunks. Bad weather or not, the corps has to be prepared for Sunday's performance for the Johnstown community. If you're not in the Johnstown area, you can still catch the live broadcast on The Cadet's website.

When dinner time rolled around, the rain hadn't let up. Members got a chance to practice the fine art of balancing plates while navigating the muddied and flooded pathways that connect the food truck to the residence halls. However it should be noted that the dinner, featuring meatloaf, potatoes and a variety of cakes, was well worth the trek.

As always, things were slightly rowdy back in Maple Hall in the time between dinner and lights out. But it definitely seems that the rain intensifies the hyperactivity. Though in the midst of it all, I got a chance to talk with Drum Major Zack Travis. 

With nine minutes of the show on the field, he said he's feeling good about how the corps is doing this season.

"The vibe is great," Zack said. "We're progressing at a good rate with the show so far. I'm very happy."

Again, hopefully this bad weather rolls out of the area soon, as The Cadets are eager to keep improving Side By Side.


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