Ensemble in half uniform

The corps was sure to take advantage of Saturday's clear skies.

Something other than rain finally broke up the monotony of Spring Training — ensemble in half uniform. 

As The Cadets took the field, staff reminded them that this run-through would be different. With everyone in (half) uniform, members lost their usual markers. They could no longer rely on covering down from “the guy in the blue hat.” They had to work on taking in new information and readjusting themselves to performing in uniform.

The lack of rain also meant The Cadets had their first full ensemble rehearsal since Wednesday. While that was obviously beneficial to the corps, it was also beneficial to the local Johnstown residents who usually make their way to Richland Stadium to watch rehearsal. And because The Cadets were in half uniform, spectators got to see members “half run” to and from water breaks.

Although the rain the past few days has proven difficult, every cloud has a silver lining. The poor weather conditions have helped the corps learn about the challenges and difficulties of performing under less than ideal conditions. Similarly, running through the show in half uniform was partially about showing the members the difficulties they’ll face while performing in something other than comfortable athletic clothing. 

But backtracking a bit, it was another busy day for admin staff inside Maple Hall. Besides dealing with last minute uniform issues, the day was spent readying the admin RV before it hits the road and sewing together the prop coverings.


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