Cadets Seeking One Trumpet, One Mello

Two spots open up as Spring Training comes to a close

After a few days of searching, two tuba holes have been filled. Folks with prior marching experience are making their way to Johnstown as we speak, about to take part in an awesome summer experience called The Cadets.

In the interim, we need an excellent trumpet player, as we had a young man need to return home due to a stress fracture.

And we need someone to join what is an incredible mellophone line, as it appears that yet another medical/family issue may pull another member way. This one is still developing on two fronts. We will not know for a few days, but better safe than sorry.


As of June 10 at 9 p.m.:

  • the tuba line is full
  • the baritone line is full
  • the percussion section is ready to go
  • and as long as tour fees are paid before Wednesday, the guard is set

If there is a fiscal issue, we will repost availability immediately. We hope all is worked out, but there are a few nerves.

So, if you are that trumpet or mellophone:

  • We need you to Johnstown fast.
  • You need to have $2000 -- we have a donor to kick in $500 per
  • You need to be in shape to get on this "moving train"
  • And you have to be an awesome player

Write to Brass Caption Supervisor Gino Cipriani at or Cadets Director George Hopkins at


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