Admin and Driver Spots Filled, but Seeking a Roadie

Cadets looking for roadie to fill out the tour support staff

Over the last week, the Cadets have been tightening down personnel before the summer, and the effort has been excellent.

prop2013.jpgThe Admin Team is set:
George Hopkins, Director (on road 6 weeks)
Bruno Zuccala, Program Assistant  (on road 5 weeks)
Mike Scott, Financial Manager
Brendon Foley, Housing and Sponsor Coordinator
Nate Foreman, Volunteer Coordination
Chris Demas, Logistics
Jay Travis, Transportation Manager
Matt Hopkins, Cook
Cheryl Rogers, Food Service Support
Brian Seiler, Lead Trainer
Scott Way, Lead Merchandise Manager

The Driver Team is also set, and the food service team is looking good.

And the beat goes on. We have over 100 folks scheduled to drive and cook at some point this summer; it has turned out to be just an excellent group.

However, we could really use one additional roadie.

Pay would be $50.00 per week. The individual will be responsible for putting up and taking down the props four times a day. We have three excellent folks led by Cody "the Roadie," and one more would fill out the team.


The Cadets leave on tour Wednesday night for shows in Allentown, PA (June 13), Garfield, NJ (June 14) and Allendale, NJ (June 15).

If interested, please e-mail George Hopkins at as soon as possible.


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